Our Forms

Application for Credit Form
Customers must fill out this form. With this application we will be able to establish their account number, billing and shipping address, and who is authorized to buy from us. We will be able to determine which account classification they are eligible for.

Patriot Act Form
Patriot act is an act of U.S Congress that was signed into law by President George W. Bush on October 26th 2001. With this law the secretary of treasury has authority to regulate financial transactions. IT IS THE LAW!

Tax Exemption Form
Infinity Mountings DOES NOT charge TAX to their customers. Filling out this form indicates to the government that they are tax exempt, because they will be buying from us and reselling to their customers.

Credit Card Authorization Form
Credit card authorization form is beneficial for both us and the customer. With this form we will make sure that the correct credit card is being used by an authorized buyer.

Fax Order Form

New Model Form

Engraving Form

Image Request Form

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