3D Printing & Wax CNC

We employ the latest in 3D printing and 5-Axis CNC technology. Our extensive knowledge in working with these models/patterns allows us to achieve the best casting results.

CAD File Pattern Printing

Click the "Upload 3D File" button to upload CAD files for printing and casting. We accept STL and 3DM files for printing. Bookmark this page for easy reference and order submission in the future. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.


Files must be received by us by 10:15am eastern time to receive next day castings.


  • If you are submitting a file for estimate please click the "Upload CAD files for printing and casting" button and navigate to the "Estimate" section. To ensure best possible casting results we may choose to sprue the model in CAD for a small additional fee.

If you do not receive an email confirmation your upload was not successful.

Please upload again or contact us for assistance.

Confirmation is sent from: info@infinitymountings.com