The reason we established Infinity Mountings and Castings

We wanted to bring high quality, affordable jewelry manufacturing back to being MADE IN THE USA. After many years in the industry, we’ve seen other companies fail their clients with their “one size fits all” quality standards. Many make empty promises or just have not kept up with the ever changing landscape of the industry. We saw the real need for a modern manufacturer with the capabilities of correctly servicing a range of clients from small independents to large retail conglomerates with steadfast attention to quality, service and timeliness. We work tirelessly to provide our clients a manufacturer who exceeds their expectations. A one stop shop, servicing manufacturing needs from A to Z. From custom jobs, to full production, all under one roof and MADE IN THE USA.

Our Location

Infinity Mountings and Casting is located in the heart of New York City’s jewelry industry. Every phase of our production is conducted in-house, within our 5,000 square foot facility. Our location gives us the ability to access talented craftspeople, equipment, prime resources and knowledge of the latest fashion trends.

Our Services

All our services are performed under one roof enabling us to ensure high quality and timeliness. We are a full service manufacturer extremely capable of taking a design from conception to completion in any quantity. We also produce quality castings for customers who handle other phases of production themselves. We are proud of our staff of experienced, highly trained jewelers, polishers, setters, CAD designers and others who work together to achieve the best possible result for each piece.

Who we are?

Infinity's well-trained and professionally equipped staff combine their education, experience and capabilities to assist our valued clients. Furthermore, our company foundation includes a highly respected and long established New York based atelier that is serving the industry for over 60 years. Our goal is to bring jewelry manufacturing back to the USA in our state-of-the-art facility, producing high quality jewelry at competitive prices.

Our Motto

Our motto is “Zero to Infinity in Five Days.” This is the backbone of our operation. Nearly any customized piece can be delivered to any client within 5 business days from CAD approval. We offer responsive customer service and high quality standards, previously unmatched in the jewelry industry.

Our promise and Special Offer

Our promise is exceeding your expectations with 100% Satisfaction on every order. Just ask any of our customers. Try us and enjoy 3% off any casting order and 7% off any finished order with diamonds. Use code INFABTS37 on your first order.